Sneeze Sneeze

I.. I heard from Xinxin. Yeah, you guys are good with the lightning freaks. It's embarrassing to say, I.. I'm also a fan of Lightning Freak.

I.. I heard from Xinxin. Yeah, you guys are good with the lightning freaks. It's embarrassing to say, I.. I'm also a fan of Lightning Freak. Can you take me to see him? Otherwise, get me an autographed photo! Yuxuan's voice became louder and louder. Suddenly he took my hand and said, "Please do me this favor!" Xinxin burst out laughing and said, "The walls of Yuxuan's room are covered with old man Lightning's news bulletins and magazines, and he has collected a cabinet of movies and comics, but he lacks an autograph!" Didn't the old man Lightning say not to reveal his whereabouts? How will you tell him? Jianhan was quite dissatisfied, but his tone was acceptable, probably because he agreed that Yuxuan was also a rare number of lightning freak fans. "Tut, little fool, I didn't say where the old man lived. I just said you were very close." Xinxin knocked Jianhan on the head. I broke away from Yuxuan's enthusiastic hand and raised my eyes. Slowly, I floated my hands in the air, covering most of Yuxuan's face, showing only below the nostrils, mouth and chin. In a flash, I understood why Xinxin would tell Yuxuan about the lightning monster. Xinxin looked at me and made a victory gesture. She knows I know. "You are.." I had tears in my eyes. Sonic Man. Yu Xuan's face rose red at a loss, the heart in the side but kept nodding. She was supposed to let us know. As a surprise. Although Jianhan is not a fanatical fan of Sonic Man, he also found the fact that the sky was falling apart from my surprised expression. Yu-hsuan, Yoshi-ji, he's a die-hard hero fan of yours! When I was at the orphanage, he kept buzzing up and down the hallways like you, pretending to fire sonic bombs! Xinxin held her stomach and laughed, saying,Investment casting parts, "Now you finally meet!" Yuxuan kept scratching his head and looking around for fear that someone would overhear our conversation, but the Izakaya was so noisy that no one noticed that we were revealing the most valuable secret in the city. No one noticed the sound of my heart breaking. I.. Xinxin and I fell in love at first sight. I fell in love with her at first sight.. "Yuxuan said without thinking, as if trying to find a topic.". Xinxin thumped him and said, After the kidnapping incident, Yuxuan discovered my location through the aftershocks of the sound waves on my body. When he took the opportunity to come to know me, I recognized him at a glance. I also had a good impression on him, so after a few months as a friend, I started dating. Unromantic, isn't it? Yuxuan seemed very sorry and said, "I'm sorry." My face must be very red because my whole body is burning up. "Oh my God!" Chien-han suddenly buried his face in the cup of soup in his hand, and then looked up, his face covered with ham and corn, with a sad face: "You've been chased away by the Sonic Man. There's no hope for Yoshizu and me." Holding Yuxuan's hand, metal stamping parts ,die cast light housing, Xinxin smiled and said, "Hey, you give up. Yuxuan and I have been together for more than a year!" I took a deep breath. Frustrating as it was, it stood like an unshakable hill before me. I had no choice but to accept it for the time being. "Ah, it looks like Chien-han and I are going to have to start all over again!" I stuck out my tongue and laughed, shaking hands with Jianhan in a funny way. This is not grace. I can't learn grace yet. I just don't have an emotional outlet. Need to introduce a girlfriend? I've met a couple of pretty good girls, but you've just come out, so I don't think you're in the mood to fall in love. Xinxin said, and the sashimi came up. "I spent a few months with Yi-chih, and after I earned the first sum of money, I would rent a better house to live in. Now, ah, I really don't have the heart to think about women." Pointing to the heart, Chien-han said, "And my heart and Yi-chih's heart are split into a hundred pieces. It will take months to heal." I nodded sadly and everyone laughed. "By the way, Chloe must have cried a lot when you left." Xinxin, change the subject. "It's more than miserable, it's like climbing over the wall and coming out with us!" I said, but my heart was in a terrible panic. Ha! That was a funny day! The tiger aunt even prepared firecrackers and hung them on.. Jianhan quickly recovered his apparent mood and began to talk about hilarious things. Later that night, the atmosphere was very lively and happy. When we were half drunk, we went out of the izakaya and wandered around. Later, we sat down and chatted by the fountain in a park. Yuxuan saw no one around, so at the request of Xinxin, gently hit the water column slowly with the sound of the hook, and the beautiful spray suddenly hit the sky, as beautiful as the broken Milky Way under the yellow street lamp. Yuxuan, or Sonic Man, perhaps slightly drunk, Yuxuan immediately jumped up and down like a naughty and playful big boy after playing in the splash, and began to use his superpowers to play incredible juggling for us to see, completely without the strangeness and shyness just in the Izakaya. Like an innocent big boy, he excitedly used his hands to quickly make a dull sound in the air, as if he were beating a drum. Even Jianhan was excited to beat the beat, and the two of them performed a loud drum performance in the circular square. I sighed and sat on the guardrail of the fountain. Yuxuan is really a good man who is easy to get close to. What kind of person is Sonic Man in private? Is it the same as now? I asked, Xinxin sitting by the guardrail. Xinxin has long seen my mind, she is not a careless girl. He is a fool, just like you, only you are different types of fools. You are all very lovely, very caring, and have a great sense of justice. Xinxin's feet were shaking,die casting parts, just like when she was playing with the fairy stick on the tree. "So Sonic Man only has more superpowers than me?" I smiled bitterly, holding my heart in my hands and pretending to be hit by a bullet. "That's not true." Xinxin threw a small stone at me, and I caught it without any care. I'm not the kid I used to be. I hope Xinxin can remember that.


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