You are like April on earth.

Jiang Yu brought the dish to the table and looked carefully at Qin Fei and Song Hengyi sitting on the other side of the table.

Jiang Yu brought the dish to the table and looked carefully at Qin Fei and Song Hengyi sitting on the other side of the table. Qin Fei seemed to see her nervousness and gently rubbed the top of her hair. Song Hengyi also glanced at Jiang Yu, who was sitting opposite, and explained with a rare kindness: "Don't worry, even with these brushes, they can't compare with our Qin Fei." Listening to his tongue-in-cheek tone, her nervous mood eased a lot, and she pushed the dish in front of them with a smile: "Let's eat first, and we'll talk about it after dinner." Song Hengyi had tasted Jiang Yu's craftsmanship before, and had lamented that he had the style of a chef. Although he was not a foodie, every time he came to Qin Fei's house, he could not help showing the essence of eating. On the table are four dishes and one soup with good color, fragrance and taste, which are placed in delicate dishes to increase people's appetite. Listening to Jiang Yu's words, the three of them moved their chopsticks very tacitly and decided to forget the disturbing things for the time being. While the three were busy eating, they did not know that Weibo had exploded again by another hot search. When the people who ate melons dispersed and everyone thought that the false alarm had passed, they did not update their micro-blog for a long time. Everyone regarded it as a dead public number of "chasing light media", but suddenly published a micro-blog. Chapter 154 Chasing Light Response. "Chasing Light Media: Today, it was confirmed that the Internet rumor" Lu Chenxi met with senior executives of Star Media and was suspected of intending to quit Chasing Light Media "was deliberately spread by Lu Chenxi himself, which was not the publicity made by the agency to the artists,jujube seed powder, and it was confirmed that Lu Chenxi had discussed with Star Media about the change of the agency. Our company will maintain the accountability for the negative impact of Lu Chenxi on our company. Netizens in an uproar, this is not the flood washed the Dragon King Temple, a family does not recognize a family? Since Chasing Light has already expressed its attitude, is it that the relationship with Lu Chenxi has broken down? All of a sudden, there were different opinions about the story between Lu Chenxi and Chasing Light Media on the Internet, and Ding Yichen's villa was broken by a rush of doorbells. When Ding Yichen opened the door, he was picking up the phone. When he saw that it was broker Li and Lu Chenxi,jujube seed powder, he left the door open and sat down on the sofa in one side of the hall. Two people sit down on the sofa opposite him, see his phone did not break, two people did not speak, quietly waiting for him to finish the phone. In fact, the phone call that Ding Yichen received happened to be related to the two of them. The call came from Ding Cheng. From the moment he picked up the phone, there was a series of bombarding questions. He seemed to be used to his father. While answering the phone, he calmly turned over the final script of the new film until the two men came in front of him. Three people sitting at the two ends of the sofa, waiting for two people as if they were really doing nothing but visiting the neighborhood, Ding Yichen looked at the time, interrupted the phone and said: "Lu Chenxi is developing so well now, how long will it take for us to cultivate such an actor?" People who spout questions that they don't know and don't need to answer. I have a guest, so let's not talk about it. Then, regardless of what the person on the other side of the phone said, carnosic acid price ,lycopene for skin, he cut off the phone and threw it aside. Seeing that he finally finished the phone call, broker Li pushed Lu Chenxi, who was not far away from him, and said with a smile, "Ding Zong, Chenxi may have done too much today, which has affected the company's reputation. He is young, but he already knows he is wrong.." General Manager Ding, what do you think? Hearing what he said, he smiled and looked noncommittally at Lu Chenxi, who was sitting beside broker Li. Li broker's words have been said very clearly, is to build a bridge for two people, as long as two people each step back today, this matter is over. But Lu Chenxi saw Ding Yichen's attitude of not answering, and the anger that had been forced down jumped up again. What does General Manager Ding mean? Do you think even if I apologize, we have no chance to cooperate? Ding Yichen still looked at him with a smile and did not give any answer. His attitude, not to mention Lu Chenxi, even on one side of the Li broker feel quite a bit embarrassed. He looked at the two people sitting, because Ding Yichen's attitude is not clear, for a time even he did not know how to persuade. Seeing his attitude, Lu Chenxi, who had been burning with anger, gradually calmed down. He sat back on the seat of the sofa and imitated Ding Yichen's appearance. His face was also full of smiles: "Is it difficult for Ding Zong to do this today not because of what happened today, but because the suggestion I made a few days ago made you angry from embarrassment, and now you are using public office for personal gain?" Hearing this, Ding Yichen gradually stopped smiling. As I said, I don't like people to guess my mind. "Coincidentally, I like to guess other people's minds." "Dawn!" Li broker found that something was wrong and called Lu Chenxi in time. He felt that the two men in front of him seemed to have some quarrel or secret that he did not know, and now he could not ask deeply, so he had to do his best to control things within the scope of turning around. Not waiting for Ding Yichen to reply, Lu Chenxi had already stood up: "I think General Manager Ding may not be willing to talk to me any more.". So, that's all for our conversation. "Lu Chenxi!" Agent Li's face changed slightly. He hurriedly turned to Ding Yichen and said with a smile, "General Manager Ding, Chenxi, these days.." "Broker Lee, you don't have to say it." Ding Yichen also got up and interrupted him: "Lu Chenxi and I really have no need to talk about it." "This.." Ding Zong, Chenxi has been chasing us for so many years, and the company has spent a lot of effort to cultivate artists, you are like this. The company also.. "Yes." Ding Yichen just nodded insipidly and did not make any other indication. Broker Li also knew that Ding Yichen seemed to be still angry, so he did not persuade him any more. He pulled Lu Chenxi's sleeve and said, "General Manager Ding, let's go back first.". Let's talk about it slowly after your anger has subsided. Then, without waiting for Lu Chenxi to say anything,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, he was forcibly pulled out of the villa. Two people did not go far out of the door, Lu Chenxi finally shook off the shackles of broker Li, standing on the roadside unwilling to move forward. How long are you going to make trouble? Broker Li had no choice but to turn around and ask him with some discouragement.


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