The starry sky of Asia

"Brother Xi, you go back first. It's not once or twice that you come to the airport. What are you worried about?" Arrived at the airport, Zheng Zaixi arranged to help them check in, but was stopped by Chen Haoyu.

"Brother Xi, you go back first. It's not once or twice that you come to the airport. What are you worried about?" Arrived at the airport, Zheng Zaixi arranged to help them check in, but was stopped by Chen Haoyu. All right, Junnan should also exercise more, then I'll go first, and remember to call when I get to Japan. Zheng Zaixi also did not verbose, and explained the matters that should be paid attention to and then left. Watching Zheng Zaixi's figure disappear in the waiting hall, Chen Haoyu suddenly stuffed his luggage into Han Junnan's hand and ordered: "You go to change the ticket time, I still have something to deal with." "What are you going to do?" Han Junnan, of course, could not have let Chen Haoyu go and grabbed him and asked. I can't explain it clearly for a while. You just change the ticket. Anyway, I have something urgent. Chen Haoyu said he was going to leave, but Han Junnan did not let go, so he had to explain again: "I promise not to delay the journey, only take up our rest time, brother,wire nail machine manufacturers, be considerate, I really have something urgent!" "Well, don't delay the trip, and you have to tell me what's going on when things are done." Han Junnan finished and loosened Chen Haoyu. He smiled gratefully and ran out of the waiting hall. Han Junnan looked at his back and shook his head helplessly. Running out of the waiting hall, Chen Haoyu quickly stopped a taxi. After getting on the taxi, he casually reported a place name of the city to the driver,Nail machine supplier, and then began to keep dialing Li Xi's phone. At first, Li Xi's cell phone was turned off all the time, and Chen Haoyu called her home again, but no one answered. Chen Haoyu was in a hurry and repeatedly dialed Li Xi's cell phone. After half an hour, her cell phone finally turned on. Xi, where are you? Hearing the noisy voice on the other end of the phone, Chen Haoyu frowned slightly. I Where am I? Wait a minute, I'll ask. Later, Li Xi vaguely reported a place name. Finally asked her location, Chen Haoyu a hanging heart a little relaxed, so he immediately told the taxi driver the specific location. Arrived at the destination, Chen Haoyu looked up at the neon sign, Nail machine manufacturer ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and deliberately decorated it before pushing the door and entering. The light in the nightclub is very dim, the sexy women in revealing clothes are everywhere, the ears are filled with boiling electronic dance music, and the whole night is filled with a yin-like atmosphere. There were a lot of people in the nightclub, mostly young men and women in their twenties. Compared with Chen Haoyu, who has just arrived, they are better at expressing their love in the dim light and in the vibrato of jazz. Everything here is unknown to Chen Haoyu, because of this, the original stable heart is irritable again, God knows if Li Xi will have any accident here, just think about it, Chen Haoyu's palm came out with a layer of sweat. Fortunately, he has not hung up the phone, following the voice, relying on Li Xi's vague instructions, he finally met with Li Xi in a private room. When Li Xi saw Chen Haoyu suddenly appear in front of her, he opened his eyes wide in disbelief, smiled at him immediately, and then waved to him. Chen Haoyu looked at Li Xi's very comely face. Her hair was tied with a ponytail slanting down at will. Her deep eyes were like a pool of deep water. She looked delicate, dignified and elegant in a light-colored dress. She was undoubtedly out of tune with the atmosphere of the nightclub. What are you doing here? Is the premiere over? Li Xi looked at Chen Haoyu with blurred eyes. Suddenly he shook his head and said, "Even if the premiere is over, you should go back to Japan. Am I drunk?" (To be continued.) p [Registered members can get a private bookshelf, which is more convenient for reading!] Chapter 289 of the starry sky of Asia suddenly calls. [Chapter 290 My Love (Part Two)] Chen Haoyu sat beside her. Li Xi gently held a glass of soju and smiled shallowly in the candlelight. Her shallow smile was still very touching. She took a graceful sip of the wine, put it back on the table, and then her long fingers gently stroked the pendant hanging on her chest. Seeing this delicate female action on such a flashy and noisy occasion, Chen Haoyu inexplicably sighed with emotion for this simple behavior. Xi, go home! Sister boa is worried about you. Chen Haoyu rubbed his hands helplessly and took out the phone from his pants pocket to report to boa that he was safe. Go home Li Xi blushed and shook his head with a hint of coquetry and said, "No, it's very lonely to be alone at home." When the proposal was denied, Chen Haoyu had no choice but to call boa first and tell her that he had found her and told her not to worry any more. He would send her home. While Chen Haoyu was talking to boa, Li Xi called the waiter again and ordered two bottles of soju in succession. She filled two glasses, picked up one, then put the other in front of Chen Haoyu, and then raised the glass in her hand to Chen Haoyu in the air, elegant and chic. Thank you for accompanying me when I'm not happy. Then Li Xi threw back his neck and gulped down all the wine in the cup. Then she filled her glass again and began to pour it into her mouth. Xi, don't drink. You'll get drunk. Chen Haoyu said and snatched her glass away. I just want to get drunk. Holding Chen Haoyu's hand, Li Xi said unrelenting, "I need relief!" In fact,wire nail making machine, Li Xi was already a little tipsy at this time. Chen Haoyu dodged Li Xi's hand and held the glass. "What's the matter with you?" He asked. "Don't you know?" Li Xi blinked his eyes and a self-deprecating smile appeared on his face. "I'm crossed in love.." he said. You have a boyfriend? Who is it? Chen Haoyu asked tentatively. A man who made me unconsciously deeply involved. Li Xi seemed to be talking to herself, and the pendant on her chest was shining, reflecting her melancholy at the moment.


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